New Left Project welcomes submissions. We are a non-partisan alternative media source, publishing original leftist comment and analysis.

Types of contribution

We are happy to receive material on a broad range of topics in the form of:

Word Length

Feature articles should be 1000-3000 words. If a piece is very long, it may be published in two parts. The longer the piece the greater the burden of proof to show that the length is required.
Blog posts are less than 800 words.


Citations should be in the form of footnotes.

Hyperlinks should be either embedded or pasted in full beside the word you wish it to be attached to.

Please write a one-line bio at the end of the article.

Submission criteria

Any work submitted should be previously unpublished.

NLP works to maintain a high quality of output at all times. Submissions may be rejected if we do not believe they meet the standards of the rest of the content on the website.
While we welcome academic material, please ensure that your work is accessible to a wide audience – avoid jargon.

Opinion pieces should be tightly argued and backed up with citations from reliable sources wherever possible.

NLP is a forum for all varieties of leftist political views. We aim for a variety of content. We also aim for inclusivity and this means that articles expressing discriminatory views will not be published.

NLP is run by a small group of volunteers. Submissions are logged, however it may take some time before we can get back to you. If you haven't heard back from us within a week, feel free to send a follow-up email. In line with our high standards, the editors may suggest comments or changes to your article.

Please send submissions or outlines to: submissions[at]