2010 Election Roundtables »

Ahead of the May general election, a series of roundtables discuss the present condition of the left, the economy and immigration.

  1. Election Roundtable

    by David Edwards & David Cromwell, Alex Doherty, Priyamvada Gopal, Steve McGiffen, Milan Rai, Stuart White, Richard Wilkinson
  2. Immigration Roundtable

    by Philippe Legrain, Richard Seymour, Frances Webber, Joe Cox, Spencer Fitzgibbon, Jacob Mukherjee and J. Bauthumley
  3. Economy Roundtable – Part 1

    by Susan Pashkoff
  4. Economy Roundtable - Part 2

    by Robin Hahnel
  5. Economy Roundtable - Part 3

    by Martin Wicks, David Wearing, Derek Wall
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