We are co-organising our first conference - come along!

By Ed

27 October 2012

NLP is excited to be one of the organisers of Up the Anti - Reclaim the Future, a one day conference for thinking about how to take a left agenda forward in the UK. 

There will be a lot going on, including sessions on specific issues that the left may be able to make more mileage out of, such as housing and 'debt strikes'; what we can learn from Greece and Syriza; ideas for promoting more radical trade unionism; and longer term visions and hopes for the future. Equally as important, there will be a real diversity of organisations and perspectives - for example, speakers include the anarchist David Graeber, the socialist trade unionist Jerry Hicks, activists from the student movement, the Plan C collective, and more. There will also be a mixture of formats - focused panel sessions (although none of the panels will be too large, so it isn't just a listening exercise), participatory discussions and workshops.

A mark of the pluralism of the Up the Anti is the range of groups sponsoring it - fellow publications Occupied Times, Ceasefire Magazine and Red Pepper, radical publisher Pluto Press, and the political organisations Anticapitalist Initiative and Globalise Resistance. By bringing different strengths, perspectives and networks to the day, together we should be able to ensure that Up the Anti turns into an event well worth coming to. 

Venue: Queen Mary University in London

Time: December 1st, starting at 10.30am

Later...  there'll also be a social  with live comedy and music

Let us know you're coming via the Facebook page. You can also buy advance tickets here.

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