Introducing our new ‘Series’ section

By Ed

17 December 2012

Today we’re launching a new section of New Left Project to host series, seminars and debates.

In the section you can find, for example, a set of roundtable discussions on the eve of the 2010 general election; a series on the climate justice movement to mark the 2011 Durban conference on climate change; and, from earlier this year, a debate on pornography between Gail Dines and Sarah Ditum.

These exchanges serve two of our key aims: to provide quality, in-depth discussion about crucial political issues that remains accessible to the general reader, and to promote thoughtful and respectful dialogue across the left. As a result this section contains some of the material we’re most proud to have published.

We intend to publish more series in the future. In the last few weeks we have published series on the politics of housing and C. Wright Mills’s seminal The Power Elite, and we now have a discussion underway on the possibilities for left politics in an international economy. There's much more to come in the new year, including a debate on economic vision between Robin Hahnel and Erik Olin Wright, a seminar on Oscar Wilde’s famous essay ‘The Soul of Man Under Socialism’, and another on the arguments in Normal Finkelstein’s latest book Knowing Too Much.

If you have any ideas for issues, books and debates you’d like to see explored further in this way do let us know by posting a comment below or emailing

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