Breaking the Frame gathering and discussion - May 2nd to 5th

By Rhian

16 April 2014

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The Breaking the Frame gathering ( on May 2nd to 5th, near Sheffield, is about these and other issues in the politics of technology. Many technologies bring genuine benefits, but at the moment the development of technology is almost entirely controlled by elites, so it tends to serve their interests and destroy the environment. What would democratic control of technology look like?

The gathering aims to bring together people interested in creating a network to campaign on the politics of technology. We want technology that serves real human needs not corporate profits. We think it’s time to get a grip on technology!

Come along in May for three days of workshops, discussions and campaign planning around the politics of technology in general and on specific technologies, such as nuclear energy, geoengineering, GM food, automation at work and data mining.

Key speakers include: Jerry Mander (International Forum on Globalisation), Simon Fairlie (The Land Magazine), Hilary Wainwright (Red Pepper), Theo Simon (Stop Hinkley), Danny Chivers (No Dash for Gas), Helena Paul, (Econexus).

There will be camping, art, music, poetry, food by Veggies, walks, demonstrations of crafts, tours of the organic garden and more.

Places are limited, so you’ll need to book in advance. We aim to ensure that no-one is excluded for reasons of cost. To book,visit For more information:, @framebreaking, or call (020) 7426 0005.

Organised by Luddites200, Corporate Watch, Scientists for Global Responsibility and supported by many other organisations.

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