New Left Project relaunch

By Jamie

15 June 2014

So long, suckers! New Left Project is going on a month-long summer break.

Yes, the NLP eds have told our respective bosses to shove it, offloaded our paperwork to hapless colleagues and stocked up on socks, sandals and suncream—all quite unnecessarily, alas, because it’s not that kind of holiday. 


What could have been: NLP in Egypt


What could have been: NLP in Italy


What could have been: NLP in India


What could have been: NLP in Namibia


Instead, we're taking a month to prepare for a big New Left Project relaunch in July.  

We’ll be back with a gorgeous new design, even-more-gorgeous new editors, new series, a book, and plenty more besides.

In the meantime, all our articles will remain accessible at the normal address and we’ll keep you updated through twitter, Facebook and our email list (scroll to bottom to subscribe).

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