Wanted: New New Left Project editors

By Alice

09 April 2014

New Left Project will be launching a re-design this Spring. As part of this, as well as an on-going commitment to broadening our editorial expertise, we are looking to recruit at least two new editors.

Please note this is not a paid post. We are all volunteers, so you would be doing this for other reasons. Current NLP editors enjoy the feeling of teamwork, the space to pursue ideas and write, and the chance to contribute to maintaining an area of the web for serious, non-commercial left media.

As editor, you would participate in all the activities of the collective: shaping editorial strategy, running the site, and contributing a few pieces a month (which you might write yourself or commission from others). It takes work, but we tend to find we can fit it easily around our lives.

We'd run a three month trial period, during which you'll be assigned a mentor from the current editorial team to help you learn the ropes, then we can all decide if it's been a good fit.

We are especially keen to hear from people with an interest in climate change, immigration, UK political economy, reporting activism, education, the EU or health.

If you are interested, email submissions@newleftproject.org before the end of April with links to:

(a) A piece of writing by you, which you are proud of.
(b) A piece of writing by someone else, which you enjoyed reading.
(c) An idea for a piece you'd like to see commissioned on NLP.

In each case, please give us a few sentences saying why you picked it, and also give us a few hundred words saying why you are interested in joining NLP.

Key words: 

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