Colluding With Extremists

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First published: 08 March, 2010


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5 Comments on "Colluding With Extremists"

By max farrar, on 11 March 2010 - 17:54 |

Fascinating.  Thank you.  Will buy the book.  I wonder if Mark would like to talk in Leeds at one of our Taking Soundings meetings?

By Mark Golding, on 17 May 2010 - 00:10 |

I wonder if Mark is conscious of other sources of political power that belie the administrative/clerical ones normally connected with the maintenance of strong trading and commercial networks. I’m thinking of the unchanging landscape of inherited estates, of dynasties and gentries that for centuries sit on vast tracts of land collecting rent in one form or another, (The Queen still collects rent from vast areas in Australia for example) Of political power that has its roots in a hierarchical tree of ownership with big landowners forming the backbone of industry/administration/government by renting/leasing land to both private and public enterprises. I mean BIG tracts of land, Provinces, Regions, Cities.
Looking recently at the way the Crusades were financed, mostly through existing incestuous relations between agri-business and trade administrations run by Secular and Church Noblesse and ruling oligarchs who robbed ‘national’ treasuries to finance private wars, I can see a pattern of secret high level wheeling and dealing over the heads of city states that most certainly could have survived in some newly evolved form in the present day using diplomatic bags instead of despatch riders. Certainly, some of the same old families in Europe head up major institutions, banks and businesses though under unfamiliar names often using ancient entitlements and land rights of their ancestors, like primogeniture rights, to wield power exclusive to public discourse.
I wonder if Mark has investigated the extent to which a 5th column of fund raiders exist whose power base is dynastic rather than national who can unplug whole economies from world money supplies aka Shock Doctrine?
More needs to be done I feel to identify the subterrain of a cosy military/oligarchical complex occupied by the landed gentry.

By Barb in Florida, on 10 June 2010 - 09:08 |

“...the 1953 coup in Iran was undertaken to promote the Anglo-Iranian Oil Corporation (the forerunner of BP),... “

Conceived in sin, you could say.

By Sinclair, on 29 December 2010 - 13:35 |

I have just looked up Mark Curtis, after watching John Pilger’s The War You Don’t See documentary.

Mark states that (with regard to) 7/7.’ the evidence for this just doesn’t stand up at all’.

Well, the 7/7 ‘Official Narrative’ does not fully explain the circumstances.

I wonder how deep Mark’s research went?  Did his delving extend to the involvement of the (ex) military operatives & white converts to Islam who were involved in the ‘radicalisation’ of the accused bombers in Leeds? - Martin ‘Abdullah’ McDaid & ‘Tartan Taliban’ James McLintock.  Or how most of the British terror plot stort/timeline depends on the ‘evidence’ of one US ‘supergrass’ Mohammed Junaid Babar?

A starting place for research is here:

By Monica, on 16 March 2011 - 13:53 |

Amazing! I came across Mark Curtis while studying for my degree at Lancaster University some years ago. I have since stopped voting because demcracy does not exist in the western world. What Mark writes doesn’t surprise me because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I see this amongst the evil souls who like to bully those who can’t fight back on a daily basis at work!

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