A Progressive Path to the Prophetic Voice

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First published: 01 February, 2010


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1 Comment on "A Progressive Path to the Prophetic Voice"

By donaldjeo, on 22 May 2010 - 06:54 |

Our world is dying. Unsustainable environmental practices ruin natural resources. Our social systems destroy our souls. The rich and powerful leave the poor and underprivileged in pain. For these reasons and more author Robert Jensen argues our society must fundamentally change.

In All My Bones Shake Jensen shares the spiritual perspective he applies to his progressive and potentially controversial social philosophies. Through his story Jensen argues for a worldview that embraces a socially liberal environmentally sustainable life and culture. While Jensen&8217;s definition of God and of being a Christian differs from what traditional faith systems hold he believes his viewpoint offers a more complete and intellectually honest fulfillment of the classic Christian command to love God with all one&8217;s heart mind and soul. He devotes entire sections to discussions on what it means to love God in each of these ways.

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