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  1. 15 Jun

    New Left Project relaunch

    Jamie: So long, suckers! New Left Project is going on a month-long summer break. Yes, the NLP eds have told our respective bosses to shove it, offloaded our paperwork to...

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  2. 11 Jun

    The Charter of Lampedusa

    Eli: This is a guest post by Matt Bolton Last October, 366 migrants drowned in the seas off the Italian island of Lampedusa, as the boat which had carried them from Libyan...

  3. 06 Jun

    Demand the Impossible 2014

    Ed: Time for a plug: As well as co-editing NLP I've helped to found and run Demand the Impossible, a summer school on radical politics and activism for London youth....

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    The Kerry Initiative: The Next Round

    by Norman Finkelstein, Jamie Stern-Weiner

    In the absence of mass civil resistance, Palestinians will remain trapped between US-brokered capitulation and the miserable status quo.

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    Beyond the War and Ndombolo

    by Christina Fonthes

    Lisapo, an oral history project, aims to record, preserve and share the migration and settlement experiences of Greater Manchester’s Congolese community.

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    The UKIP Puzzle and the Media Establishmentarianisation Hypothesis

    by A. L. Shaw

    UKIP's success in the European elections can only be fully explained by considering the party's presentation by the media as an Establishment force.

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    Four Pictures of Migration

    by Carl Rowlands

    If Europe is to be defended as a sphere of genuine international cooperation and integration, the EU must be saved from itself.

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  1. West must take up Tehran’s offer to block an Isis victory

    by Patrick Cockburn | 15 Jun 2014

    Extremists have a grip on the country as Sunni Muslims decide that the jihadists are preferable to persecution by the official...

  2. Iraq doesn’t have to fall apart. It can be reformed

    by Toby Dodge | 15 Jun 2014

    The advance of Isis is the result of terrible decisions made since 2003. Iraqis themselves must chart a new course if the state...

  3. Mapping France

    by Jeremy Smith | 15 Jun 2014

    The link between unemployment, GDP and voting Front National

  4. Capture of Mosul ushers in the birth of a Sunni caliphate

    by Patrick Cockburn | 14 Jun 2014

    The balance of power between Iraq’s Sunni, Kurdish and Shia communities has now changed.

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  1. After Rancher's Death, Calls for Fracking Health Study Grow Stronger

    by DeSmogBlog

    Last month,  Terry Greenwood, a Pennsylvania farmer whose water had been contaminated by fracking waste, died of cancer. He...
  2. Media on the Margins: An Interview with Sky News' Sherine Tadros on Reporting the Israeli Attack on Gaza

    by Jadaliyya Ezine

    In the early hours of Sunday, 20 July 2014, the Israeli military began indiscriminately shelling the eastern Gaza City...
  3. See no evil

    by Stumbling and Mumbling

    Simon Wren Lewis says that the commentariat's tendency to excuse the coalition's reckless fiscal policy is due in part to...
  4. “No Excuses” in New Orleans

    by The Jacobin

    It's been a decade since New Orleans' post-Katrina charter school experiment began. The results have been devastating.
  1. The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven.

    by Lenins Tomb

    There is nowhere safe in Gaza, but it's okay: they're bringing food and medical supplies.  Israel has sent 860 truckloads....
  2. Extreme lobbying propels extreme weather

    by ToUChstone blog

    “The most significant early impacts of climate change are likely to be increases in the frequency and severity of extreme...
  3. David Rose is not a credible source - OFFICIAL

    by Greenpeace UK blog

    All rights reserved. Credit: David Rose/Mail on Sunday The source of denial (joke copywrited to Graham...
  4. Building, Not Rebuilding, Public Education

    by The Jacobin

    Fighting corporate education reform is not about restoring the old system.
  1. Top 10 reasons to love the ocean

    by Greenpeace UK blog

    All rights reserved. Credit: © Greenpeace / Paul Hilton...
  2. Massive victory! West Sussex says we're 'not for shale'

    by Greenpeace UK blog

    All rights reserved. Credit: West Sussex's decision comes on the back of determined...
  3. The Lies We Tell About Lenin

    by The Jacobin

    Lenin and the Russian Revolution have been misunderstood by friends and foes alike.
  4. On crowding out

    by Stumbling and Mumbling

    This morning, I got into a Twitter row with Jackart. He says: "State spending CAUSES lack of private investment." I agree with...

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