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  1. 16 Apr

    Breaking the Frame gathering and discussion - May 2nd to 5th

    Rhian: Are you concerned about: • Fracking or the climate crisis?   • Losing your job to a machine or spies reading your...

  2. 09 Apr

    Wanted: New New Left Project editors

    Alice: New Left Project will be launching a re-design this Spring. As part of this, as well as an on-going commitment to broadening our editorial expertise, we...

  3. 03 Apr

    Corporates carve up the African cake

    Alice: A guest post from Stanley Ellerby-English. This week World Development Movement activists, dressed as representatives of some of the world's largest food...

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    From Crisis to Crisis in Spain

    by Graeme Herbert

    Spain's economic problems and mounting regional tensions cannot be deferred indefinitely.

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    Chechnya, Crimea, and Western Realpolitik

    by Alex Doherty

    Britain's reactions to the crimes of the Putin regime in Chechnya tell us much about the sincerity of western concerns regarding Ukrainian sovereignty.

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    Doing Business with the World Bank

    by Martin Kirk

    The World Bank is facilitating the displacement of people across the Global South in the name of increased GDP. A new campaign is launching to challenge this injustice.

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    Neoliberalism and Solidarity in Universities: The Case of Sanaz Raji

    by Richard Seymour

    Marketisation of higher education affects all students, but, as the case of Sanaz Raji illustrates, some are particularly vulnerable.

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  1. Scientists, unions and greens unite in concern over Kew Gardens cuts

    by Alice Bell | 11 Apr 2014

    As Mark Serwotka told the BBC, this centre of scientific excellence and conservation is being cut to the bone because of a...

  2. Are corporations really hogging workers’ wages?

    by Andrew Kliman | 09 Apr 2014

    What if some of the most respected economists in the world told you that as an employee, your pay is 40 percent lower than it...

  3. Beyond the Barriers

    by Spartacus Network | 09 Apr 2014

    An important new report analyses the failures and injustices of the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Work Programme

  4. Obama continues Bush’s policies on Venezuela

    by Lauren Carasik | 09 Apr 2014

    The US should respect Venezuela’s sovereignty and support forces committed to its stability

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  1. DARS Media Roundup (April 16)

    by Jadaliyya Ezine

    [This is a bi-weekly roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Resistance and Subversion in the Arab world...
  2. Industry Funded Politicians Hope To Thwart Pollution Penalties In North Carolina

    by DeSmogBlog

    On March 6th of this year, North Carolina Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway handed down a ruling that Duke Energy must...
  3. Jordan, Morocco and an Expanded GCC

    by MERIP

    Author(s):  Curtis Ryan A recent report suggests that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)...
  4. Death and Taxes

    by MERIP

    Author(s):  Amanda Ufheil-Somers Last year 27 cents of every income tax dollar in the...
  1. Thomas Piketty and the search for ‘r’

    by Michael Roberts

    Just about every man and woman and their dogs have reviewed French economist Thomas Piketty’s magnum opus, Capital in the...
  2. Emailing in the evening? The new battle to keep work out of our free time

    by Red Pepper

    I’m doing it right now. If your work involves a computer, you probably are too – almost inadvertently, sending work emails...
  3. The Neoliberal Turn in American Health Care

    by The Jacobin

    The Affordable Care Act's failings are rooted in a shift away from the idea of a truly universal health care.
  4. Watch: Driving a German Whip – Stop & Search Remix #GermanWhipParody

    by The Multicultural Politic

    Great parody track and video by @femioyeniran @richkidcambell Here is the original:
  1. What Phillips curve?

    by Stumbling and Mumbling

    Today's news that CPI inflation has fallen to its lowest rate since October 2009 poses the question: what is the relationship...
  2. Syria's Drought and the Rise of a War Economy

    by MERIP

    Author(s):  Omar S. Dahi The grinding war in Syria brings new horrors with every passing...
  3. Education is Not the Answer

    by The Jacobin

    Everyone deserves a great public education, but better schools alone can't fight inequality.
  4. Après moi le déluge! Fossil fuel abolitionism and the carbon bubble - part 1

    by Libcom

    Capital-Flows.jpg In part one of this two-part article, we look at...

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