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  1. 21 Apr

    Critique, Influence, Change

    Ed: A few weeks ago, Ha-Joon Chang, Duncan Green and former NLP editor Ellie Mae O'Hagan launched the Critique, Influence, Change series, published by Zed Books, at the...

  2. 16 Apr

    Breaking the Frame gathering and discussion - May 2nd to 5th

    Rhian: Are you concerned about: • Fracking or the climate crisis?   • Losing your job to a machine or spies reading your...

  3. 09 Apr

    Wanted: New New Left Project editors

    Alice: New Left Project will be launching a re-design this Spring. As part of this, as well as an on-going commitment to broadening our editorial expertise, we...

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    Moulding Minds: Foreign Policy and the Manipulation of Public Opinion

    by Josh Watts

    From control over historical records to manipulation of social media, there are a myriad of ways that the state seeks to shape our attitudes to war.

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    13 Major Policies That Were Victories for Corporate Lobbyists

    by Tim Holmes

    The grubby paw-prints of corporate lobbyists are all over UK public policy. Here are 13 of their worst offences.

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    Hit the Fossil Fuel Industry Where it Hurts: Science

    by Alice Bell

    The oil and gas industry needs our science to operate. We don’t need to give it to them.

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    From Crisis to Crisis in Spain

    by Graeme Herbert

    Spain's economic problems and mounting regional tensions cannot be deferred indefinitely.

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  1. Economics, Education and Unlearning

    by Post-Crash Economics Society | 23 Apr 2014

    The world has changed, the syllabus hasn’t. A compelling analysis of the failings in economics education and a road map for...

  2. Britain’s Post-Crisis Political Economy: A ‘Recovery’ through Regressive Redistribution

    by Jeremy Green, Scott Lavery | 22 Apr 2014

    In the social world, things are often not quite what they seem. The gap between political discourse and other observable...

  3. Gabriel Kolko revisited

    by Joseph Stromberg | 21 Apr 2014

    A look at the scholarship of prominent radical historian Gabriel Kolko

  4. Piketty and the Millennial Marxists on inequality

    by Timothy Shenk | 21 Apr 2014

    Capitalism’s new critics take on an economics run amok.

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  1. Inhabiting a Grudge

    by Jadaliyya Ezine

    My father and I were discussing increasing construction and diminishing public space in Beirut and, in particular, access to...
  2. Barnett Shale Fracking Victims Win First Round in Court Battle with Gas Industry

    by DeSmogBlog

    Legal tremors are reverberating in the Barnett Shale region in Texas after yesterday's $2.925 million dollar verdict in favor...
  3. Capitalism and Nazism

    by The Jacobin

    The next time someone tells you the Nazis were anti-capitalist, show them this.
  4. The Trial of Cecily McMillan

    by The Jacobin

    An Occupy Wall Street activist was assaulted by a police officer. She faces seven years in prison for it.
  1. A world rate of profit revisited with Maito and Piketty

    by Michael Roberts

    Back in 2012, I presented a paper to the Association of Heterodox Economists entitled, A world rate of profit (a world rate of...
  2. Years of Living Dangerously: on a screen near you now!

    by Greenpeace UK blog

    All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace If...
  3. On the death of Gabriel García Marquez

    by Corey Robin

    Greg Grandin writes in The Nation: Born in 1927, Gabriel García Márquez was 87 when he died last week. According to his...
  4. Moyes' message

    by Stumbling and Mumbling

    Some (female) tweeters have expressed exasperation at the amount of coverage given to David Moyes' sacking. I'm not sure...
  1. Classical Liberalism ≠ Libertarianism, Vol. 2

    by Corey Robin

    Antoine Louis Claude Destutt de Tracy,  A Treatise on Political Economy (1817): The truly sterile class is that of the idle,...
  2. Qatar: horrific abuse of migrant domestic workers

    by ToUChstone blog

    Our friends at Amnesty International have issued a new report demonstrating the horrific conditions affecting migrant domestic...
  3. Dalton Trumbo’s Taxes

    by The Jacobin

    On the blacklist and Dalton Trumbo’s marginal tax rate.
  4. ‘Our Own Brand of Socialism’

    by The Jacobin

    On creating a "government which would make the poor happy."

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